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Pujas For June:

Sankashti        -        Fri 1

Annual Day      -       Sat  9  Pradosha         -        Sat 11

Hayagriva Saraswathi Homa($51)      -         Sat  23

Pradosha         -        Sun  24


Sri Satyanarayana Vratam                              -     Wed  27

Vata Poornima   -     Wed 27

Monthly Events

  Fast / Vrat Days 

Amavasya    -  Wed, June 13

Ekadasi        -    Sat, June 9

                    & Sat, June 23 

Krittika         -   Tue, June 12

Pradosha    -   Mon, June 11

                    & Sun, June 24   Shashti       -   Mon, June  4

                   &  Mon, June 18

Shravana     -   Sun, June 3


Priests at Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple of Utah :

Pandit A. R. Krishnan hails from a priestly family of several generations and is a practicing purohit for more than 15 years. He is an exponent of Krishna Yajur Veda and has taught in patashala schools in Chennai and Kolkotha for several years. Many of his students are now serving in the New England area and several cities in India . He has worked in the prestigious Shiva Vishnu temple of Chennai as well as in many other Ganesha temples in Tamil Nadu. Krishnan, or -ARK- as he is often known, came to Salt Lake on deputation from Flushing Temple of New York. As he puts it, "Salt Lake Ganesha has a certain attraction and power; He has taken me into his fold." ARK has been taking tutoring in English every day to get functionally comfortable to speak in English. He is also teaches Veda classes in Salt Lake. Visitors can often hear his resonating voice reciting the sacred texts during the quiet hours in the temple. With his expertise in performing Yagnas and Devi puja, Pandit Krishnan is truly an asset to our temple. Devotees have remarked about his jolly nature, devotion and hard work, and a passion for cleanliness. His wife Chitra and two young daughters live in Chennai, India.

Pandit N. S. Satish Kumar is a graduate of the famous Patashala at Thirupathi and an exponent in Krishna Yajur Veda Gananatham and Pancharathra Agamam. He has been a recipient of many awards for his Vedic expertise. Satish Kumar has special skills in alankara and pujas gained from his service as purohit in several prestigious Temples in Pushkar, Pune as well as Thirupathi. He is comfortable speaking several languages and has been quick to grasp the needs of a Temple like ours in Utah. He deems it an honor to be able to serve at the various shrines of our Temple. “Ganesha, Balaji Perumal and Durga Mata here have a special Kala; I am fortunate to be here” says Satish Kumar. He teaches Veda and slokas to interested students from all walks of life. He conducts pujas and utsavs incorporating various traditions from all parts of India so that devotees come back again and again to enjoy the blessings of Utah Ganesha. His charming young wife is Vaishnavi Lavanya, daughter is Aashritha. His baby son, Achyutan, was born in Dec 2013

Pandit Manikandan Raghavan has nearly 11 years of experience in Hindu Temple Services. He served in the capacity of an Archakar(Priest) in Sri Lakshmi Satyanarayana·Swami Temple, Nanganallore Chennai, before his arrival in the United States in May 2012. He is certified as a Graduate Archakar (Priest) by the Sri Venkateswara Vedapaatasala, TTD (Tirupati). He is an exponent of Krishna Yajur Vedam Moolam, Paancharathra Aagama Tiruvaradhana Kramam and Archagathwa Paricharamkam. He specializes in preparing Temple Prasaadam, Neivedya Alankaram and Aradhana Seva. He is exceptionally skilled and passionate about serving the Temple. He has knowledge in arranging special devotional music and sound for Temple festivals. His ability to speak in various Indian languages namely Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam, in addition to English, has helped him to connect well with devotees from different parts of India. His wife Harini and two young daughters Mahati and Srinidhi moved from India to Utah, in July 2013.