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Pujas For September:


Ganesha Nimajjana Utsava

Annakoota             -    Sat  2

Onam                     -   Sun  3

Pradosha                -   Sun  3

Purnima Sri Satyanarayana Vratam                     -   Tue 5

Pitr Paksha Start    -   Wed6 Sankashti                -   Sat 9

Guru Graha Abhisheka Puja

                           -    Mon  11

Venkatesha Deepam

                            -    Sat  16 

Pradosha             -    Sun 17 Mahalaya             -    Tue  19

Navarathri Begins  -  Wed 20

Temple Navarathri Garba

                            -     Fri   22 Bhagawati Sewa Puja

                            -     Sat  23


Durga Chandi Havan

                           -    Wed  27

Saraswathi Puja MahaNavami       -    Thu  29 Vijaya Dasami; Vidyarambha

Starting Lessons Puja

                            -     Sat  30


Monthly Events

  Fast / Vrat Days 

Amavasya   - Tue, Sept. 19 Ekadasi       -   Fri, Sept. 1                           & Fri, Sept. 15

Purnima       -  Tue, Sept. 5  Krittika        -  Mon, Sept. 11

Pradosha     -    Sun, Sept. 3                     &  Sun, Sept. 17

Shashti       -   Mon, Sept. 11

                    & Mon, Sept. 25

Shravana     -   Sun, Sept. 3


 Maha Kumbahishekham 2015

With Lord Ganesha's blessings we had an amazing Maha Kumbhabhishekam for our Temple in June 2015. Our deities have been consecrated and are now in their shrines - ready for prayers, blessings, and pujas. 

We wanted to thank all of our devotees for coming and participating in large numbers. We estimate that we had nearly 1200 individuals on campus on Sunday afternoon as the Kumbhas were carried in procession and the Kalashas were installed on the Gopuram.

Each and every member of the Maha Kumbhabhishekam team spent countless hours and donated generously to help us meet our goals. What a great example of dedicated teamwork for Ganesha!

We are blessed to have such fine Priests leading our Temple. Our guest priests were fantastic and quickly endeared themselves to our devotees.

We have a very supportive community - over 300 donors gave $1000 and above and nearly 100 dedicated volunteers made sure everything happened in an efficient manner - from the parking, to the stalls, the food, the cultural programs, and of course, the religious rituals. Even the thunderstorm on Saturday night could not stop our volunteers from directing traffic, getting us food, and seeing us out of the campus safely!

Our Maha Kumbhabhishekam Steering Committee worked closely with the Temple and ICC Boards and office managers to plan and execute a well-coordinated and successful event.

The campus is taking shape to be a hub of religious and cultural activity for our community. We expect completion of the pending projects over the next year.

May Lord Ganesha shower his blessings on you and your family! 



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